Foodgrade containers for food industry and retail

Food & Catering

To store food safely and hygienic is a concern of every company working in the food industry business. Our range of products in this department can help you with everything you need related to food and catering. Our products:

- Glass dividers - Separators (6, 12, 15, 24, 40)
- Dishwashing racks (Traex)
- Plate racks Plate-Crate
- Glass racks Rack-Master or Rack-Max
- Cutlery baskets, covers and accessories
- Not-Euronorm plastic crates
- Not-Euronorm - conical
- Plastic dough ball crates
- Euronorm crates - Special
- Sink bowls and mixing bowls
- Natural - 800 x 600 mm
- Conical - Brine tubs
- White - Stacking/nesting rounded corners
- Various turn-stack crates
- Bicolor - Stackable & nestable crates
- Grey - Multifunctional stack/turn crates
- 545 x 390 mm - Rounded corners
- Various multipurpose crates & baskets
- Foldable boxes for 75 cl wine bottles
- Euronorm meat crates (E-crates)
- Euronorm bread crates
- Mobile ingredient bins
- Gastronorm foodstorage boxes - BPA free
- Food containers with lid
- Anti-slip plastic floor tiles
- Dunnage racks
- Plastic funnels
- Plastic measuring cups
- Plastic hand scoops and scrapers
- Plastic shovels and paddles
- Buckets and conical barrels
- Heavy duty hygienic receptacles
- Cylindrical plastic barrels
- Cylindrical barrels FHSVN
- Coolers - Ice Box Pro
- Insulated boxes - M series
- Food carriers - Maillon
- Eutectic plates
- Protective covers & Insulating covers
- Ice Caddy

Thanks to our Euronorm crates with compartments you will find for each type of glass the appropriate glass handling crate. With Traex you have a complete range of racks with an open structure for perfect water circulation and with solid, snap-fit extenders. Stackable transport crates exist in classic or conical type, in large volume. With the nestable & stackable crates you will save up space when empty. Meat crates with closed base and sides, bread crates with vented base and sides. The Gastro-Plus range includes a wide range from ingredient bins, food boxes to anti-slip floor tiles, measuring cups, funnels. The hand scoops, scrapers, stirring spoons and spades have a code coloring system to avoid cross contamination. The Gastro Plus gastronorm containers in transparent polypropylene are available with lids with colored clips. This allows you to quickly identify the content.

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