Food & Catering

Food & Catering

The food and catering section comprises a full range of plastic food equipment for practical and food-safe operations within canteen kitchens, the hospitality industry, butchers, bakeries, pastry chefs, ... All of these items are HACCP-compliant.


Plastibac's heavy-duty plastic range offers the right food-safe solution for processing raw materials (plastic ingredient bins, hand shovels, hoppers, measuring cups, spades, dough trays, mixing trays, ....) as well as for storing and transporting prepared food (reusable meat crates, bread crates, turn-stackable bins, gastronorm food storage boxes, ...). The range includes system code colours to prevent cross-contamination.


In the case of food transport, the range goes a step further than just crates. The FOOD range offers a selection specifically focused on food transport. For example, there are several types of isothermal coolers or refrigerated containers to keep food at the right temperature during transport, on the basis of eutectic plates or otherwise.


And it doesn't stop there. The FOOD range does not only offer a suitable long-life product for raw materials and food. For example, euronorm plastic bins with compartments for storing fragile glassware are also available for safe glass storage and transport. Different types of dishwasher baskets, whether for glasses, cutlery or crockery, are suitable for almost all washing machines or industrial dishwashers. The open-ended structure of the baskets guarantees optimum water circulation.

Finally, we also supply plastic systems to guarantee practical and safe working conditions. For example, the dunnage racks can be used as floor racks for cold stores or freezers, as well as for kitchens and workplaces. The non-slip floor tiles provide an extra safe working environment.


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