Durable plastic carriers available from stock, with fast delivery
Table spilltrays - 600x400 / 800x600 (6 products)
Spilltrays - 1220x820 (6 products)
Spill trays for drums or barrels (7 products)
IBC bunds (9 products)
Sump- and spillpallets (4 products)
Accessories for spill trays (4 products)

Spill trays and pallets

Various professional retention bins and spill pallets for general industry and transport.
Protection of the environment by prevention / avoiding expensive clean-ups.
Models with or without grid for jerrycans, drums, multi-use, ...
Retention bins for IBC tanks.
Accessories such as funnels, modular ramps, ...
Sump pallets & tiles for barrels or multi-use.
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