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Environment & Waste

Plastibac is committed to making a maximum contribution to a low-waste environment. We actively work on our 'Reuse, Reduce, Recycle' policy where we can also take back end-of-life plastic load carriers in the commercial process and have them processed into new granulates via certified recycling partners.

A clean environment obviously starts with robust plastic waste bins. At Plastibac you can find numerous large wheeled waste containers for indoor or outdoor use. For applications in the catering industry, large kitchens, hospitals and care institutions, our extremely hygienic pedal waste bins are the suitable type. Choose us also for your sorting waste bins, small swing lid bins for sanitary areas or handy waste barrels for warehouses, festival areas or other public areas.

When you or your company work with oils, acids, greases, paints or other potentially harmful substances, it is best to opt for retention bins or spilltrays. The collection elements may or may not be fitted with a removable grid. A professional heavy-duty drip tray, for example for IBC bunds,  ensures that harmful substances are collected and do not end up in your soil or - in general - in the environment.

Finally, we also offer a range of outdoor wall-mounted and tubular stand alone ashtrays of the Probbax brand. These are used in the hospitality industry, around companies and shops and give smokers the opportunity to extinguish their cigarette ends and dispose of them correctly.

Would you like to fine-tune your waste flows and policy with the help of our Plastibac products? Contact us by phone or via info@plastibac.eu

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