Environment & Waste

Environment & Waste

Plastibac is committed to doing its bit to promote a clean environment. We are proactively pursuing a reuse, reduction and recycling policy, where we take back used/worn plastic carriers and have them recycled via certified partners. Plastibac also offers environmentally friendly tools in its heavy-duty product range.


Plastibac can provide you with clean-environment-friendly plastic waste bins. Both indoor and outdoor models are available. Our pedal waste bins are the ideal solution for hygienic usage. The waste bins with a hinged lid or waste drums are also available with a choice of different types of lids, to show what belongs in which waste bin. Various types of heavy-duty waste containers and barrels are also available for outdoor use: suspension systems, waste bins on 2 or 4 wheels, ....

Reusable spill trays are available for companies working with oils, acids, fats, ... or other harmful substances. The spill trays are supplied with or without a grid. Harmful substances are therefore collected in the tray rather than being released into the environment.


Finally, we also offer a range of ashtrays. The ashtray line offers a choice between a wall-mounted model or a foot-mounted one. Standing models in combination with a standard waste bin are also available.


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