Waste bins and retentionrecipies

Environment & Waste

Plastibac is concerned about the environment and finds sorting garbage very important. Do you feel the same?

- Pedal waste bins with colored lid or Probbax bins
- Swing lid bins
- Waste separation PSD series by Probbax
- Cupstack - Used cups collector
- Cylindrical waste bins - Probbax or FHSV or 59
- Waste containers without casters / with 2 or 4 casters
- Wall mounted ashtrays by Probbax
- Stand-alone ashtrays by Probbax
- Ash and trash containers
- Rounded Ashtray – Waste bins Probbax
- Grit and salt bins

The wall-mounted and stand-alone ashtrays are the esthetical solution for smokers’ areas and are suitable for outdoor use. The wide range of lids for the waste separation receptacles is a great help for effective waste separation with all applications. The round and cylindrical waste bins are both for indoor use or outdoor use. Our polyethylene outdoor waste containers and maxi-containers on castors meet the demands of mechanical waste collection. The salt bins are solid storage bins for indoor or outdoor storage of grit, sand, salt or spill equipment.

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