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Waste seperation receptacles

These Probbax waste receptacles in polypropylene are solid bins with easy grips and rounded corners. This makes a hygienic cleaning very easy. A wide range of fitting covers makes it even easier to sort out the trash. A few examples of covers are; residual waste, PMD, glass or paper, … but you can also choose a universal cover. Every bin is delivered with standard 6 trash-sorting stickers, which makes sorting out easier.
Probbax is an acknowledged producer of waste bins and ash trays, appropriate for all professional activities in B2B and B2C: hotels, restaurants, bars, hospitals, stores, schools, factories, public institutions, gyms, …


- Different versions of covers in option
- Different measurements
- Available in different colors
- Easy to clean
- Produced in solid material
- Trash sorting stickers per cover
- Accessories separately available

Suitable for:
- Universal use
- Public rooms
- Hospitals
- Schools
- Movie theaters
- Company kitchens
- Gyms
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