Logistics & Industry

Plastibac offers you a numerous products for a safe transport of your goods:

- Transport trolleys Euro 600x400
- Transport trolleys Euro 600x800
- Customization & separate casters
- Separte casters with fork
- Euronorm stacking containers - grey
- Euronorm stacking containers - coloured
- 400x300 - euronorm - nestable
- 600x400 - Closed base and sides
- 600x400 - Closed base, vented sides
- 600x400 - Vented base and sides
- Euronorm foldable crates 600x400 mm
- Euronorm foldable packaging 800x600 mm
- Nestable Euronorm swing bar crates
- Euronorm lidded crates Ergo+Food - Facility Pro 600x400 mm - Universal
- Universal lightweight boxes - 1400/1425
- Oblong universal crates
- Collapsible large volume boxes
- Standard pallet boxes - closed or vented
- Convex pallet boxes
- Seamless pallet boxes
- Super volume boxes 1400 L
- Plastic hygienic Pallets H1/ H2 / H3
- Universal pallets
- HD Pool pallets
- Export pallets - One Way
- Recycled pallets
- Freezer Spacers
- Profi Line plastic builders buckets
- Premium Line builders buckets
- Blue builders buckets
- Mortartubs
- Rubbish chutes & accessories
- Grit and saltbins

Our Euronorm stacking containers take care of an optimal transportation of the goods thanks to standardized dimensions. They are available in closed or vented version, standard or extra reinforced, coloured. The stacking/nesting containers can either stack or nest inside each other when turned 180°, what results in saving up to 75% on storage space. Also our swing bar crates and attached lid containers are stackable and nestable. For storage and transport of all sorts of goods, our lightweight volume boxes or our large volume pallet boxes are ideal. The folding pallet boxes series Smartbox provides optimal control of the available space. The plastic pallets are weather and UV resistant and easy to clean. The freezer spacers ensure maximum air penetration in freezing and tempering situations. The wide neck barrels are tamper evident sealable by means of a compact seal and are suitable for food (food grade) and chemical products. With a capacity of 1000 litres IBC tanks are used to store and transport all sorts of liquids. For the general building and construction sector there is a complete range of building buckets and mortar throughs.

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