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Logistics & Industry

The "logistics and industry" section includes all kinds of durable stacking bins and crates, reusable plastic pallets, transparent storage boxes up to robust pallet boxes for large volumes.

The Euronorm stacking crates guarantee optimum goods handling thanks to the standardised dimensions. Naturally, Plastibac supplies these durable plastic containers in several different capacity sizes and colours. There are closed or perforated versions, various sizes, strengths, etc. The stack nest crates are extremely space-saving when they are placed empty in each other. The same advantage can be found with the Plastibac folding crates. The transparent boxes with lid (really useful box) are your ideal solution for all kinds of shock-proof storage particularly when security and resistance to dust and moisture is important. Alternative to this are the attached lid crates (distribution bins). These have a fixed lid in 2 parts, so that they are stackable on the lid as well as nestable when empty.

If you are thinking of stacking bins, then also consider the accompanying transport dollies. Various types and colours for Euronorm containers, but also an interconnecting furniture platform roller that can be used anywhere, both on the shop floor and for order delivery and moving applications.

2-fence and 3-fence roll containers are perfect for compact (empty) return transport. They are fitted with handy blue lashing straps to secure the load.

Pallet lids offer the safest, most versatile and cost-effective method of securing a load to a pallet. Use them in combination with our dolly with integrated skids. Or you can even use the dolly container and equip it with a pallet lid if necessary.

Anyone storing or transporting larger quantities of goods, or wanting to collect (construction) waste, opts for volume boxes or box pallets. Various models are available: for light to heavy loading, systems with folding edges, boxes on feet, wheels 2 or 3 runners, collapsible or standard to seamless coloured hygiene boxes suitable for the food industry. There is also the favourable 'recycled' 1200x1000 version for general industrial, not foodsafe, applications.

Our durable plastic pallets are the ideal replacement for wooden pallets; weather and UV resistant, washable, sturdy... Make your choice from our range of hygienic clean materials (H1 pallets for example) or pallets made from recycled plastics.

Finally, at Plastibac you will also find grit bins and various products for the construction sector: professional mortar troughs, construction buckets and masonry tubs, and even the indispensable chutes for demolition and renovation work from floors up.

Do you want to optimise your logistics with the help of our sustainable products? Contact Plastibac by phone or via info@plastibac.eu.
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