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Plastic pallets

Plastibac offers you a wide range of pallets: Hygienic pallets, Universal pallets, Pool pallets, Export or one way pallets, recycled pallets. The synthetic pallets are weather and UV-resistant and are easy to clean. The pallets are available with upright edges for optimal security and stability but are also available without the upright edges.
The pallet H1 is GS1 censored and is the standard pallet for the European food-cultivating industry and distribution. The H1 pallet has no open spaces, has a perfectly stable form and is perfectly combinable with the E-crates.

The freezer spacers ensure maximum air penetration in freezing and tempering situations.

- Stackable
- Different measurements
- Closed or vented
- UV-resistant

Suitable for:

- Deep freezer
- Food-industry
- Export
- Warehouse set-up
- Pharmacy industry
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