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Euronorm stacking containers - colour

The Euronorm stacking containers are colored containers with the Euronorm dimensions 200x100 mm, 300x200 mm, 400x300 mm and 600x400 mm. Thanks to this standardized dimensions you have an optimal transportation of your goods. They are stackable with one another. They are made of food safe polypropylene. The stacking containers for standard load have a smooth standard base without ribbed structure. The Euronorm stacking containers suitable for high load and rollway-use have a ribbed base for extra stability. All containers are easy to clean. All stacking containers can have a lid in option. The hinged lids can be equipped with clips for an optimal closure. Plastibac offers the possibility to personalize the stacking containers.

- Possible to personalize
- Different measurements
- Conform euronorms
- Stackable
- Cover in option
- Accessories separately available
- Different versions
- Available in different colors
- Food safe

Suitable for:
- Universal use

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