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Sauce bottles & kitchen tools
Plastic hand scoops (9 products)
Plastic funnels (6 products)
Plastic measuring cups (13 products)
Fifo Bottle sauce dispensers (22 products)
Portion Pal sauce dispensers (15 products)

Sauce bottles & kitchen tools

The Gastro-Plus series has a large range of measuring cups, scoops, funnels and shovels and paddles. The semi-transparent measuring cups have a liter marking and are food safe. They can be used between -10°C and +100°C. So you can use them to prepare both hot and cold dishes. You can also choose from a variety of sizes.

The funnels are produced in food safe material and are available in 5 different diameters. Indispensable in every kitchen!

The scoops are available in different volumes and this in white or system code colors (HACCP) e.g. blue scoops are used in the food industry to stand out.

The stirring spoons and spades are made out of 1 piece. They are available in the system code colors (HACCP) which avoids cross contamination. You store the stirrer and spade very easily by hanging them up.

Measuring cups
- Semi-transparent
- Different measurements and volumes
- Food safe

- Food safe
- Different measurements

- Different measurements
- Food safe
- Easy to clean
- Different versions
- Ergonomic

Stirring spoons
- Food safe
- Recyclable
- Available in different colors
- Ergonomic
- Different measurements

Suitable for:
- Food industry
- Laboratory and pharmacy
- catering
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