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Plastic buckets - Pack

The buckets of the pack series are food safe. They exist in different types; superlift, standard, large volume, rectangular and square. All Plastibac buckets are made out of white polypropylene and have an ergonomic form and grips. They are easy to empty without spilling. They are 100% waterproof. A protection collar on the cover prevent the bucket to get an oval form. Buckets in other colors are available after consultation.

- Different measurements
- Different versions
- White
- 100% waterproof
- Cover in option (only the standard buckets standardly have a cover)
- Possible to personalize
- Food safe

Suitable for:
- Food
- Glue / chemical substances
- Paints and varnishes
- Additives
- Grains
- Raw materials
- …
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