Service on top!

A bin becomes more than just an ordinary bin when it is imprinted, a pallet becomes more than an ordinary pallet when it has your logo on it ...

A logo, a company name, a serial number or a commercial message ... A lot of our products (crates, pallets or pallet boxes, ...) can be provided with a perfectly executed, inerasable message.

Name imprint - per side (Hot Stamp)

Logo imprint with cliché - per side

Serial numbering - per side (hot stamp)

Marking: WHY?
Your message, multiple purposes ... Always a step ahead! 
  • Commercial surplus value: add a message;  commercial or recruiting! Your potential client or  relation will definitely see your bins!
  • Property identification: hinders theft , assures an  easy recognition of your investment.
  • Content marking: makes it easier for everyone  to choose the right bin in a fast way.
  • You save time and money, because the faster you find   the goods, the smoother the handling process.
  • Logistic support: with a serial/tracking number  you know exactly where your bin is or which product   belongs in which bin ...
From letters to logo, from 1 colour to 10 colours ...

1. Small series? Hot stamping (letters / numbers)
Hot stamping is a dry printing method in which a heated die and foil are used to apply inerasable letters or numbers to a surface.
Multiple colours are available, fast delivery, small series possible (starting from 25 pieces).

2. Larger series? Hot stamping with cliché, relief or silk screen print
For your larger series we offer extra possibilities such as the placement of your company logo or advertising messages!

Hot stamping with cliché
With the process of hot stamping, a cliché is once-only fabricated.
Just as with the small series, a desired decoration in colour is applied in the heated synthetic.
Numbering in ascending line also belongs to the possibilities (starting from 500 pcs; 5 numbers).

Insert moulding (relief print)
With this method, the desired personalisation is being processed in the mould while producing the bins. Afterwards you can have the relief print in a desired colour as extra option, so it can come completely to its right.

With silk-screen a text or logo is not imprinted in the synthetic, but it's imprinted by means of a screen.
You can perfectly have multiple colours (until 10 colours). In theory, silk-screen can be used on every smooth part of the bin.

WHAT can we imprint?
Practically everything with an imprintable smooth surface ... Bins - Pallets - Pallet boxes - Barrels - Buckets (Pack)