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RUB Boxes: for order and overview


Archiving, storing or moving documents at school or the office? Or commuting between office and home office? The RUB Boxes (Really Useful Box) guarantee simple, efficient handling. It doesn't get any more professional than that.

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Commune / province / event organizer / brewery
Inspired by recycling: containers for reusable cups

Seemingly, festivals and events can barely survive without disposable cups, but it's high time the waste that they lead to is consigned to the past. Happily, as there is a lot of focus on ecology and recycling nowadays, reusable cups are coming increasingly into favour. But how can these cups be used in practice?
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E2 crates
Plastibac's E2 crates make your life easy

As a meat or fish wholesaler, the processing and delivery of raw or processed meat, poultry or fish is a delicate process. The strict regulations on hygiene and food safety make it all the more difficult. You deliver your fresh meat or fish to delicatessens, caterers, department stores, butchers, fishmongers, etc., all of whom also have high demands for what they purchase.
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Construction materials
Plastic site equipment for efficient construction

If you work in construction, you have to be able to take the occasional pounding, so the saying goes. That doesn’t just apply to the builders, but to the tools and equipment they use daily as well, such as mortar troughs and rubbish chutes.

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Brewing & distilling

A cold beer, a tasteful gin, a traditional whisky. A moment of pleasure for expert and lover. But behind all these delicacies is a whole process of brewing and/or distilling. As a brewer or distiller there are 2 main things you need to be able to count on: your ingredients and your materials. And that last one, that’s what Plastibac takes care of!
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Meat processing industry
Foodsafe solutions for the meat processing industry

The meat processing industry must meet quite a few rules and procedures regarding hygiene and food safety. Within the established HACCP process, the meat processor must meet strict conditions and carry out the necessary analyses and controls in order to continue the daily processes.
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Market vendor
Plastic containers, the essential tool for the market vendor

For consumers, markets are a one-stop shop for local products and crafts.
There, they can find practically anything they want. In addition, the market is an enjoyable place to
stroll around and get together and makes for a pleasant atmosphere in the city or
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