Inspired by recycling: containers for reusable cups
Seemingly, festivals and events can barely survive without disposable cups, but it's high time the waste that they lead to is consigned to the past. Happily, as there is a lot of focus on ecology and recycling nowadays, reusable cups are coming increasingly into favour. But how can these cups be used in practice?
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Durable vs. single-use plastic: the same material, yet very different

All too often we hear people remark: “you are still distributing plastic products?” The answer is simple: yes. “Yes”, because durable and single-use plastics are unfairly tarred with the same brush.

Though Plastibac's products are made from the same basic material, plastic, there is a world of difference. We do not produce any single-use, disposable plastic, but high-quality, sustainable plastic that is ideal as part of a circular economy.

We are continually looking for products that are 100% recyclable, which means that every product, when it reaches the end of its lifetime, gets the chance of a new life. That is why we are actively working together with reliable partners that can facilitate this environmentally friendly recycling process. Our aim is to fully comply with the European Standard ‘EN 15343.2007’.

Moreover, in our current range we offer a great number of products that are made from 100% recycled plastics, and thus we complete the circle.

So can we offer even more sustainable plastic products in future? To this we respond with a resounding “yes”.

If you would like to find out more, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
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New IBC-container 300L: unique on the market
In addition to the current IBC containers of 600L and 1000L in our range, we are now also offering IBC containers of 300L. These intermediate bulk containers are a lot more compact, ideal for smaller quantities of liquid.
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New catalogue
The new Plastibac catalogue has arrived! Get to know new products such as ...
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NEW : Melform isothermal containers

The Melform containers are a valuable alternative to stock and transport food. We've splitted the isothermal boxes in 3 groups.

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Plastic waste ? Plastibac products are 100% recyclable!
There's too much plastic waste present in the sea and in the nature. This pollution is getting bigger each year ... Now is the time to take action ! All Plastibac products are 100% recyclable and can be reused for new applications if they are processed through the right channels.
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Glass Rack Configurator
The end-of-year celebrations are coming and we have to drink on that! A cava, a beer, at least, if your glasses arrive save at every party! Well, dear party rental service, brewer, wine merchant, caterer, hotel or banquet manager,… thanks to Plastibac you won’t have to worry anymore!

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Plastibac BLUE : focus on product security !
Quality and hygiene are important factors in food processes. Plastic crates play a major role in this respect because they are used to handle and pack ingredients and  preparations. Blue crates and containers are becoming increasingly popular as blue helps to improve hygiene and comfort. Your company focuses on product security ? Choose BLUE !

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WineBox, the compact box for 75 cl wine bottles
Looking for an orderly, compact and flexible way to stock or transport your wine stock to events? Stop searching ! The WineBox from Plastibac is the perfect solution for you !

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Gastro-Plus - Gastronorm size Food storage containers
Looking for professional food containers with an airtight lid that will keep food fresh? Plastibac presents its wide range of gastronorm sized airtight BPA-free polypropylene food containers (made of transparent polypropylene without use of bisphenol A).

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NEW CATALOGUE : now available
The brand new Plastibac catalogue is now available, and for the very first time also in English !

Please feel free to apply for a free copy, or even faster, you can dowload the Plastibac catalogue though our website.

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Plastibac is present on the following online professional and popular social networks:

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Welcome to our new Plastibac website!
While previously it was only possible to find information about our bins, containers, pallets, waste bins, ... it's now also possible to check the availability and price of our articles. Did you find the articles you were looking for? Simply add them to your shopping cart and follow the order steps to complete your order in no time.

The whole Plastibac team wishes you a pleasant stay!
"Plastics solutions for you!"
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