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Meat crates and fishcrates

The Euronorm meat crates from the Pool-Bac series are food safe multi-purpose crates (Euro-pool). They are commonly used in food industry. The crates are stackable with each other. Thanks to the smooth base they are easy to clean. They are produced in a High-Density polyethylene. You can easily move the crates thanks to the grips that are previewed on every side. You can personalize the E2 meat crates with your name, logo or numbers. Suitable transport undercarriages are also available.

- Conform euronorm
- Stackable
- Food safe
- Possible to personalize
- Available in different colors
- Different measurements
- Cover in option
- Easy to clean

Suitable for:
- Meat preparation industry
- Food industry
- Food distribution
- Logistics conform euronorm E2 standard
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