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Outdoor wall and stand alone ashtrays

Probaxx ashtrays exceed thanks to their perfect and solid design in galvanized steel. Probbax has a solution for every smoking area: wall fixation for a smaller amount of cigarettes or stand-alone ashtrays with capacities of 600 up to 3750 cigarettes.

All models are created for outdoor use, they are easy to open and clean and they offer an esthetical solution for smoking areas.

By using Probbax ashtrays as a company, store, institution, food service industry,… you offer your customer-smokers a qualitative solution.

- Push out spot in RVS
- Lockable with key
- UV-resistant
- Different versions available
- Also possible in combination with a waste bin
- Easy to clean

Suitable for:
- External use
- Food service industry
- Companies
- Institutions
- Offices
- Shops
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