Plastibac BLUE : focus on product security !

Plastibac BLUE : focus on product security !
Quality and hygiene are important factors in each food processing phase. Plastic crates play a major role in this respect because they are used to handle and pack ingredients and preparations. Blue crates and containers are becoming increasingly popular because blue helps to improve hygiene and comfort.

Your company focuses on product security ? Choose BLUE !

• Blue does not occur as a natural colour in foodstuff and can therefore be visually detected considerably faster.
• Blue plastic is less sensitive than white plastic to dirt and discolouration due to strong colourings.
• Blue is a reliable, calm and neutral colour. It is much less reflective and promotes a comfortable working atmosphere for production staff and logistic workers.

Many of the Plastibac crates and containers are specially manufactured from food-grade plastic and can be supplied with an EU food certificate. These ‘FOOD SAFE BLUE’ items can be used in direct contact with foodstuff. Other products are not suitable for use in direct contact with food due to their materials, application or finish, but do contribute to effective detection, sorting or an optimal work environment: DETECTION BLUE.

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