NEW : Melform isothermal containers

The Melform containers ar a valuable alternative to stock and transport food. We've splitted the isothermal boxes in 3 groups.

1. Cargo Line

The Cargo Line series contain isothermal containers which can be combined with cooling and freezing plates. For more information check :

2. Koala Line

The Koala Line contains containers which are equipped with a cooling group. This cooling group can be on top, on the back are integrated in the container (depending the type). The containers must be connected to a power source. The Koala Line is splitted in a segment Cooling (0°C - +10°C) and a segment Freezing (-18°C - +10°C). Contact us for any further information.

3. Koala Medical Line
Koala Medical Line is a very specific group especially for the biomedical field. This type has portable or wheeled boxes with a temperature range between -25°C and +40°C. This makes them suitable to transport:
- Lab samples
- Vaccines
- Medicines
- Chemotherapeutical
- Blood and bloodproducts
- ...

Do you want any further information concerning Koala Medical Line? Contact us!

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