New IBC-container 300L: unique on the market

New IBC-container 300L: unique on the market

In addition to the current IBC containers of 600L and 1000L in our range, we are now also offering IBC containers of 300L. These intermediate bulk containers are a lot more compact, ideal for smaller quantities of liquid.

One of the major advantages of the 300 liters IBCs over liquid containers is the ergonomics of storage and transport. The IBCs, encased in a sturdy galvanized tubular construction, are placed on a plastic pallet, making them very stable, and easily movable and stackable with a pallet truck or forklift truck. The liquids can easily be unloaded via the tap that is standardly fitted at the bottom.

Currently this type of IBC of 300L exists in 2 versions:
- UN approved (PB-CT300S)
- AdBlue (PB-CT300-ADBLUE)

The AdBlue version is equipped with a CDS system.

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