Meat processing industry

Foodsafe solutions for the meat processing industry

The meat processing industry must meet quite a few rules and procedures regarding hygiene and food safety. Within the established HACCP process, the meat processor must meet strict conditions and carry out the necessary analyses and controls in order to continue the daily processes.

The ideal solution

The cleanliness and durability of materials and equipment you use are very important. Plastibac offers numerous plastic containers, including the euronorm E2 meat crates that are, of course, 100% food grade. These crates bear official certificates to substantiate their suitability for use with food. This ensures that you, as a meat processing plant, are guaranteed to satisfy this condition, and that you can store and transport your food without worry. E2 crates are also ideal for stacking, which helps you to organize your goods efficiently. The open handles on all sides ensure even better user-friendliness of the meat trays and thanks to their smooth floor, it is quick and easy to clean them.

Transportation options

It is also important for you that you can deliver fresh food as soon as possible. To make this possible, Plastibac offers hygienic pallets (e.g. H1 and H2 pallets) that ensure efficient and smooth transport. These also include food suitability certificates. In addition, they are easy to clean, and raised edges provide extra stability. Another plus is that the transport undercarriages is a very interesting product for moving your stacked containers.


Besides crates and transport aids, Plastibac also carries an excellent range of accessories for the meat processing industry. This may include hand scoops, shovels, measuring cups and scrapers. These are made of food grade plastic, such as e.g. polypropylene. These products are available in various colours, which is essential in order to prevent cross-contamination. Different shapes and volumes contribute to a range in which you can find your perfect choice. In addition, Plastibac non-slip floor tiles are also a great product. These are perforated, allowing water to drain through to the ground and the stocked goods remaining dry. They are easy to hook together and separate again for cleaning. In addition to their functional purpose, these floor tiles also boast a comfort factor.

Plastibac Blue assortment

Finally, Plastibac would like to introduce the Blue assortment. This assortment is specified by using crates, receptacles and work tools with the basic colour blue.

The colour blue has the following advantages:
• It makes it quick and easy to detect unnatural colour in the food.
• Less susceptible to discoloration and always looks neat
• Neutral, soft colours for a comfortable working atmosphere

The extensive Plastibac Blue assortment goes from Euro crates and volume boxes to drums and receptacles to scoops, mash-staffs, waste containers, transport trolleys, buckets and much more.

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