Market vendor

Plastic containers, the essential tool for the market vendor

For consumers, markets are a one-stop shop for local products and crafts.
There, they can find practically anything they want. In addition, the market is an enjoyable place to
stroll around and get together and makes for a pleasant atmosphere in the city or

Good organisation and order

Customers attach great importance to a clear and orderly presentation of the
products, so it is very important for the market vendor to immediately start in a
well-organised manner.
This good organization guarantees an early morning with much
less to worry about. But it is also pleasant to be able to store your
goods quickly, efficiently and in a well-structured manner after a busy day at the market.

From food to lingerie

The assortment of Plastibac completes this circle and makes your day
start and finish efficiently.
For market vendors that are active selling food or sweets, we offer food grade
plastic trays (Euronorm).
Our assortment includes the following:

• Specific bread baskets for bakery stalls
E2 meat crates for butcher stalls, ...
• Accessories (e.g. scoops for your sweets stall)

In addition to food-grade plastic trays, Plastibac also has stackable and nestable
trays, for purposes such as the following:

• to easily transport and attractively present clothing, lingerie, leather goods, bedcovers and tablecloths.

An additional advantage is that you can slide these empty trays together, saving a great deal of space when it comes to empty returns.

Various sizes and colours

The plastic trays are available in various euro standard sizes (600 x 400mm and derivatives). These are modular, so you can determine the most efficient organisation for your market stall. Thanks to the euronorm dimensions, these trays are perfect to combine with euronorm transport rollers and pallets in our assortment.
Though it is standard for the crates to be grey, Plastibac also has a series of different colours, such as yellow, green, red, white or blue.

Order directly online or request your personal quote.
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