E2 crates

Plastibac's E2 crates make your life easy

As a meat or fish wholesaler, the processing and delivery of raw or processed meat, poultry or fish is a delicate process. The strict regulations on hygiene and food safety make it all the more difficult. You deliver your fresh meat or fish to delicatessens, caterers, department stores, butchers, fishmongers, etc., all of whom also have high demands for what they purchase.

Easy to stack

The Plastibac E2 crates guarantee food-safe storage and transport. Furthermore, the Euronorm crates are simple to stack on top of each other. The open handles on all sides increase user comfort when lifting and stacking crates, while the smooth bases make the crates easy to clean.

Different colours

Plastibac's E2 crates come in 3 standard colours: red (meat), blue (fish) and yellow (poultry). The different colours help you to quickly and easily differentiate between the various foodstuffs, and most importantly to avoid cross-contamination. Besides the 3 colours stated above, you can also expand your range with green, beige, light blue, white and black E2 crates. These crates are equally suitable for food and also measure 600 x 400 mm. The E2 stacking crates of course have an official food suitability certificate.

Customised marking

It is also simple to mark on these HDPE crates. This means that every crate is quickly recognisable, which is a great advantage for meat transportation, distribution and transport of fresh meat and cold meats. You decide what is marked on the crates, such as business name, business logo or telephone number. Every E2 crate is therefore simple to recognise, and it is easier for you to get your own crates back.

So don't delay, and order your crates through the webshop today!

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