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Inspired by recycling: containers for reusable cups

Seemingly, festivals and events can barely survive without disposable cups, but it's high time the waste that they lead to is consigned to the past. Happily, as there is a lot of focus on ecology and recycling nowadays, reusable cups are coming increasingly into favour. But how can these cups be used in practice?

Plastic containers: effective collection of hard cups

Organisations can rent or buy reusable cups from a number of government agencies and specialised businesses. These hard cups require the correct collection, storage and transportation. With cases for hardcups it is simple to store clean cups and collect used cups. The cup containers that we offer have a hinged lid and two clips. They also have 2 open handles so they are easy to carry. An additional advantage of open handles, in comparison to completely closed containers, is that there is still a flow of air after the cups have been cleaned. This limits the potential for mould to form as a result of residual moisture. Crates that allow full airflow are an equally good alternative.

With standard European measurements (600 x 400 mm) and various heights, we deliver the right containers for every event. Choose different colours to indicate which contain clean cups and which contain dirty ones, or select a colour that matches your event or corporate branding. You can also print something out to attach to the side of the containers. In short, there are a plenty of options for you to choose from.

Moving reusable cups

Reusable cups and the cup collectors that go with them are easy to handle. The in-built handles are the most obvious, and incredible handy way to move them. But to work quickly, and to move several at the same time, a roller dolly trolley is a very welcome option. Plastic palettes to gather large numbers of cup containers, and to then easily load or unload them, are extra-handy. Whichever way you do it, reusable cups take up more space than disposable cups at an event, and you must have enough options to move them.

Reusable cups go through conveyor dishwashers

During and/or after an event, the cups need to go through a conveyor dishwasher so they are cleaned hygienically. Choose strong dishwasher racks that are suitable for the diameter of your reusable cups. With the Glass Rack Configurator it is easy to work out which rack you need.

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