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RUB Boxes: for order and overview

Archiving, storing or moving documents at school or the office? Or commuting between office and home office? The RUB Boxes (Really Useful Box) guarantee simple, efficient handling. It doesn't get any more professional than that.

Creating order in your administration and generally in the workplace, it can sometimes be a challenge. Handy then, when these transparent and stackable crates of Really Useful Products prove their worth. Due to the varying sizes, the RUB boxes are suitable for storing small goods such as business cards, ballpoint pens, post-its and other small office materials up to organising and archiving folders, ordners  and piles of documents.

Keeping the overview has never been easier

The RUB boxes are transparent stacking boxes which show at a glance what is inside the box. The ergonomic design makes the storage boxes easy to handle. With the blue handles, you can easily take the storage box and move it around. Moreover, the RUB boxes stack easily on each other.

So, whether it is a desk, cabinet, home office, storage or archive room, the Really Useful Boxes are, thanks to their varied range of sizes, solid finish and multifunctional character, extremely suitable for creating an orderly workplace in every office space.

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